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The Murasaki Box

Tteokbokki Box

Tteokbokki Box

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The GENIUS box!

OUR genius invention, we put together the right halal ingredients to make a staple of Korean Cuisine. 

Indulge in spicy rice cakes matched with soupy noodles and slurp on a delicious bowl of the best street food of South Korea!

Halal Rice Cakes are now available at Murasaki, paired with Halal Gochujang!

This exclusive box contains:

-Packet of Rice Cakes-Garaetteok

-Halal Gochujang Sauce bottle or tub

-Packet of Ramen

-Random chosen red pepper powder (packet or bottle)

Note: we may add any type or red pepper powder or paste available in stock and it’s not interchangeable. 

-Recipe Guide

-Pair of chopsticks


Shop Now our spiciest Box!

Please note: contents may vary from time to time, to keep boxes versatile and they're not interchangeable. 

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