How Can We Assist?


How long until i receive my order?

Your order will be reviewed as soon as you place it, the process time is of around 3-5 days, once the order has been processed, it should take around 3-5 days in the UK. It may take longer for International orders.

Depending on your shipping method chosen, in the EU it can take 2 weeks, outside of the European zone, it takes 2 weeks. 

Do you ship worldwide?

YES! We now offer international shipping. Therefore ensure all of your details were entered correctly, we are not responsible for additional charges.

Can i cancel my order?

Cancellations are accepted up to 2 hours after they were placed. For more information, contact enquirymurakasi@outlook.com

Can i change my order?

As long as it's up to 2 hours after you placed your order, after that we cannot change it. To change address contact us on our email enquirymurasaki@outlook.com

I entered the wrong address! What do I do? 

If you require changes to any information on your order, please email us at enquirymurasaki@outlook.com as soon as possible. Once your order ships, we are unable to process changes. The Murasaki Box is not responsible for any additional shipping charges resulting from misgiven information.

I’m missing an order product from my package! What should I do?

We are diligent in making sure all orders leave us with the correct items. If we have made an error, please send us an email with your full name, purchase order number, and the name of the item missing from your package. We will be in contact with you as soon as possible to resolve the issue.

In some cases, a purchase order may be split into two (or more) fulfillments/shipping. If this is the case, please kindly check your inbox to see if multiple shipments have been processed. As always, send us an email to address any concerns.

How much is shipping?

Shipping is free on orders over £35 with the use of code FREESHIPPING, otherwise it's £4.99 in the UK and for international orders it's calculated at the checkout.

Are all of your products halal?

Each food product has been thoroughly researched on its ingredients. Some products have their Halal certificate, others even if they don't have a certification, are still Muslim friendly. So there's nothing to worry about.

If there is a non halal ingredient, we will not sell that product. If you do spot one of these ingredients, kindly let us know as soon as possible, so we can review the item

Are your beauty products legit?

YES! We source our beauty from exporters who purchase the goods directly from the manufacturers, no fakes here!!!

Are your beauty products halal?

Due to the vast information on every single beauty product, we are not able to define each product as halal or non-halal, we want to be transparent as much as possible, therefore we recommend customers to check the ingredients of the beauty products beforehand and purchase accordingly.

Payment(s) appeared in my Bank Statement without receiving an order confirmation email?

For your own privacy, we cannot have details as to the reason your transaction failed. We suggest you double-check your credit card and billing details, or attempt another method of payment. If the transaction continues to fail, it may be helpful to contact your credit card company to authorize the transaction before completing checkout.

What is your return policy?

Once our products have been shipped, we're not responsible for its packaging. All items are checked thoroughly prior to being packed and sent out. We also are not responsible for the inside of the snacks packaging, as we're not allowed to open them for cross contamination and safety purposes. We operate on a no returns policy, all sales are final.