About Us

An intersection of oriental snacks and delicacies
Murasaki is a Muslim owned small business. Our main aim is to bring you Halal & Muslim Friendly delicacies, straight from the Orient. We offer products from Japan, to Korea, to Taiwan and more. Including first rate customer service and we take pride in the effort put in each box, curated to the minimal detail. 
The halal concept
One night, we were watching the vlog of a Japanese girl, who was shopping in downtown Tokyo and she put many colourful snacks in her cart. We were wondering whether those snacks were halal or not and after a lot of research some of the most fun looking were not halal. So we came up with our own concept of putting together a box of all the halal oriental snacks we can put our hands on and save you a lot of time from looking for them.
                                          OUR PACKAGING
Here at the Murasaki team, we want to be environmentally conscious, because the Earth is our house and we would be ashamed if our house were to be dirty.
  • Our boxes are recycled.
  • Our shredded paper and tissue paper, is recycled Kraft paper.
  • Our ribbons and cards can be upcycled by you
  • Our cards are elegant enough to be kept as bookmarks.
We will be working with our suppliers continuously, so that the products' plastic can be recycled, in the mean time, we will do our best.