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Meiji Hello panda

Meiji Hello panda

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Hello Panda was first released in Japan in 1979, by Meiji Seika. Each and every biscuit is made with buttery batter and inside it hides a smooth chocolate filling, decorated with curios pandas playing around.


Biscuit (56.0%) - Wheat Flour 35.4%, Vegetable Oil(Palm Oil) 11.4%, Sugar 7%, Seasoning [Maltodextrin, Hydrolysed Vegetable Protein, Yogurt Powder(Skim Milk Powder, Dextrin), Flavour Enhancers(E627, E631)], Leavening Agents (E503(ii), E500(ii)), Salt, Emulsifier(E473), Malt Extract (Barley), Yeast Powder, Natural Colour(E150a).

Chocolate Flavoured Cream (44.0%) – Sugar 18.3%, Vegetable Oil(Palm Oil) 14.4% , Cocoa mass 7.4%, Whole Milk Powder, Emulsifier(Soya Lecithin), Artificial Vanilla and Chocolate Flavourings.

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