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Ramadan Box

Ramadan Box

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Ramadan is a special occasion to treat your loved ones to this beautiful box full of snacks that satisfy every craving!!

Even better, you can treat yourself to this huge box!

This lovingly curated box is fully halal/Muslim friendly and contains 13+ products!

What’s in the box:

-2 Casually chosen Ramen Packets 

-1 Ramen noodle cup


-1 Meiji Strawberry Uproll

-1 Bamboo House Mochi pack

-1 Hello Panda/popin candy

-1 Meiji Yan Yan

-1 Pack of crisps

-1 pack of Nori Seaweed snack

-1 Miga Tteokbokki original bowl

-1 Miga Fiery Hot Tteokbokki bowl

-1 pair of chopsticks 

Please note: contents may vary from time to time, to keep boxes versatile and they're not interchangeable, the average value of this box is £35+



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