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Mamee Monster Daebak Ghost Pepper Curry Lontong

Mamee Monster Daebak Ghost Pepper Curry Lontong

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Halal Certified 


Noodles: Wheat flour (contains gluten), palm oil (contains antioxidant E321), potato starch, salt, contains stabilizers (E452, E501, E412) and emulsifier (E322) (contains soybean) as permitted food conditioner.

Seasoning Powder: Salt, dehydrate vegetables (cabbage flakes, carrot flakes, dried Chilli ring), contains monosodium glutamate (E621), disodium 5’- guanylate (E627) and disodium 5- inosinate (E631) as permitted flavour enhancers, sugar, contains permitted flavoring substances (contains fish, soybean) and spices. Creamer contains milk.

Seasoning paste: Palm oil, spices (contains crustaceans), onion, garlic, prawn (contains crustacean), sugar, salt and sucralose.

Spicy Oil: Palm Olein, spices Extract. Contains permitted food additives of plant and synthetic origin.

May contain traces: Peanut, celery, mustard, molluscs, sesame.


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