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Halal Jjajang Blackbean Paste 500g BBD 01.2024

Halal Jjajang Blackbean Paste 500g BBD 01.2024

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Have you ever wanted to slurp on a delicious, hot, steaming bowl of Jjajangmyeon?

YES! The ones you see on screen while watching on K-Dramas!

You can finally make it with our HALAL certified Blackbean paste!

There is only one company in South Korea that produces it and it's available exclusively in our store!

STORAGE INSTRUCTIONS: please keep refrigerated after opening and consume in a short span of time.


Halal Certified

Suitable for vegetarians 


Stir-fried Chunjang(chunjang (flour-wheat, caramel coloring, soybean, refined salt, seed malt)) Soybean, oil, beanpowder, potassium sorbic acid

  BBD 17.01.2024 no return or refund on sales item


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