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BTS Cold Brew Americano Coffee BBD 18/03/2023

BTS Cold Brew Americano Coffee BBD 18/03/2023

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BTS Cold Brew Coffee is a classic Americano black coffee with no sugar or cream, enjoy a drink from one of the most beloved Kpop group in the world

A coffee drink from Korea featuring a BTS packaging
It blends Arabica, Honduras and Ethiopia beans with various flavours.
Hy Cold Brew Americano is an americano that contains a new type of brew extract that puts pressure on the cold water at 15 Celsius to make coffee more tender and flavourful.

Halal Status

Halal Certified

Suitable For Vegetarians


Purified water, Cold brew coffee extract EH 8.2%, Coffee extract EH 30%

Nutrition facts
270ml of total content /10kcal sodium 4mg (1% ), carbohydrate 1.8g (1%), sugar 0g (0%), fat 0g (0%), trans fat 0g, saturated fat 0g (0%), cholesterol 0mg (0%), protein 0.5g (1%)



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